July 9, 2017

Althea Turns 2!

As ALTHEA KOREA celebrating their 2nd year of success, they have a lot of prizes to be given away for all the ALTHEANS out there. So be sure to continue reading this blog to know more.

Althea is now conducting their giveaways, sale, birthday box with goodies and you can also win a trip for two in KOREA! Yes! You read it right; all you have to do is shop at for the whole month of July to qualify. Let me elaborate this for you.

*FLY ME TO KOREA CONTEST: The Althea birthday box creations show off on Instagram.
Grand Prize is a flight to Korea for two!
First Prize is A Year’s Free Shopping on Althea
Second Prize is 3 Month Free Shopping on Althea
Consolation Prizes USD$100 Althea Credits (10 winners)

*20 DAYS OF BEAUTY – ALTHEA KOREA INSTAGRAM GIVEAWAY: Every working day, they will be giving away a prize on Instagram.

*SHOPPER’S LUCKY DRAW: Every week, one shopper from each country will win Althea Credits. (Based on Country: RM1000, SGD300, PHP10,000, IDR3,000,000, TH8,000, USD200.)

*ALTHEA FB GIVEAWAY: Every Monday, a contest will be up for Facebook Fans.

This entire contest and giveaways will have terms and conditions that you can check at 

Of course BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION is incomplete without a BIRTHDAY CAKE! If you shop at you will receive together with your purchased goodies their limited edition “birthday cake inspired” box. I super love the box, from the color combinations to the dainty details. I actually felt that it was my birthday (when I received mine), not Althea’s hahaha! But seriously, it’s really beautiful.

Now, let me share with you what’s inside my Althea’s Birthday Box. By the way, I just want to THANK Althea for being so generous and for always delivering excellent service for the past two years. Kamsahamnida! Here’s my unboxing video:

Some items in the box were my picked and some of it was Althea’s freebies. All of it is so cute; no wonder I’m in-love with Korean Products.

So what are you waiting for? Go shop at for the whole month of July and win awesome prizes! Thank you very much for your time and see you on my next blog!

HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY to my all time favorite online shop ALTHEA KOREA! Saranghae!

Shop here:
Instagram: @altheakorea
Facebook: @altheakr

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June 28, 2017

Skin House Beauty and Laser Clinic

Last Saturday, June 19 2017 I was invited by Sk:n House Beauty and Laser Clinic to try their Signature Facial with Diamond Peel together with RevLite Laser. And, to be honest this was my best facial experience so far. You want to know why? Scroll down and check the rest of my review (experience).

Introduction: Sk:n House Beauty and Laser Clinic is an advanced medical aesthetic center that offers a wide range array of non-invasive cosmetics procedures. The treatments are designed to improve the appearance of the face and body for a more youthful glow. The dermatologist and the medical staffs are dedicated to provide personalize service for your individual beautifying needs and concerns. Their focus is to provide results, at agreeable prices. A new face for a new day is now within your reach.

Review: The moment when I entered their clinic I felt really cozy because of the homely ambiance, plus points with the overall interior that every bit of it is so gorgeous (I LOVE MINT GREEN). The staffs are very accommodating and always smiling that you’ll never feel you’re an outcast.

Right after I filled out the electronic form with my personal information they immediately guided me to the room where the magic will begin. The room is very peaceful with dim lights where I actually felt relaxed and I like how comfortable, sturdy and very clean the bed was (that super big mirror though).

Now let’s start with the main event – SIGNATURE FACIAL WITH DIAMOND PEEL. Ms Zarah (my attending aesthetician) cleanses my face thrice with different methods. First, she gently removes the dirt on my skin with wet cotton pads, second she puts bubble facial wash and then carefully massages it, and while the third one is she cleanses my skin with a cream cleanser for a deeper wash. After all that procedures my skin felt super fresh and clean. (See pictures below)

After the cleansing part, it’s time for STEAMING. This step will make your pores open for an easy dirt extraction and to easily absorb the skin care she’ll put later on. She also put wet cotton pads on my eyes to protect it from the not so hot air that’s coming out from the machine and leaves it for about fifteen minutes.

After the fifteen minutes steaming, VACUUM will be the next step. This procedure will help to remove the excess oil that came out from my skin while steaming and also for an easier “pricking” afterwards.

We all know that PRICKING is one hated step in facial (or I am the only one who hates it?) because it really hurts. But I am pleased that I didn’t feel any pain with Ms Zarah’s great hands (or maybe I don’t have much of “black and white heads” to start with), and I am commending her for her excellent work.

The next step will be the diamond peel. DIAMOND PEEL will help the skin’s blood circulations, removes dead skin cells and helps the skin to absorb the nutrients of the mask after.

The picture below is my skin right after the diamond peel and I noticed that my skin’s appearance really improved. It looks more radiant and feels fresh than before.

Then, followed by putting the COLLAGEN CLAY MASK. Clay mask can soak up excess sebum and clean out clogged pores from the resulting excess oil. Clay masks also helps to promote youthful skin naturally and reduces wrinkles by enhancing collagen synthesis.

Next is the FREQUENCY LIGHT, this will help to tighten the skin and removes germs.

And, that is the end of Sk:n House’s Signature Facial with Diamond Peel. After all of that procedures my skin really felt soft, clean, bright, and pampered at the same time. I will absolutely go back again because of their excellent work. I am also glad that (I have given a chance?) to try their REVLITE LASER, it was my first time to try “laser” treatment and here are my thoughts about it.

The time when Ms. Charm informed me that the treatment is going to be a bit painful (bearable), I asked my myself if I can really do it hahahaha! I was a bit hesitant at first because they will do it on my face. But, I fully trusted them and proceed with the treatment. I felt a little heat and “sting” at the same time but it’s bearable (tiis ganda talaga) and really worth it! Afterwards, Ms. Charm patted cold compress to avoid accumulation of heat and not to irritate my skin and then she puts an anti-inflammatory cream after.

This is what my skin looks like the day after (just woke up) and my skin feels so dewy, soft and glowing.

All I can say is that I am satisfied with Sk:n House’s work because they didn’t leave me hanging. They are always asking me and making sure that I am comfortable with all the treatments they’re going to do on my skin and they also tell me with what they are putting and the benefits of each at all times. I will definitely go back for another pampering session (appointment).

That’s it! Thank you for your time and I am looking forward to see you at SK:N HOUSE BEAUTY AND LASER CLINIC. Until next time! xo

Pasig Branch
Address: 2/F 8006 Pioneer Centre, Corner United St., Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig
Contact Nos.: 020 631 0136 / 0917 713 1588 / 0917 829 0990

Quezon City
Address: 2/F 170 Mayon St. near corner Retiro St., Quezon City
Contact Nos.542 4106 / 254 3987 / 0917 898 SKIN

Operating Hours:
Monday, Wednesday to Friday: 11AM to 8PM
Saturday and Sunday: 10AM to 7PM


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May 16, 2017

iWhite Korea: BB.Holic Everyday BB Cream

Hello iWhite Korea lovers! GOOD NEWS! Your favorite BB Cream is now available on tube! Now you can use it without squeezing or spilling some product inside your makeup kit, it’s totally a hassle-free! But for those who have not yet tried iWhite Korea’s BB.Holic (Everyday BB Cream) I am here to give you a quick information about it. Just keep on reading.

BB.Holic – Everyday BB Cream is a multi-tasking BB Cream that provides several makeup and skincare benefits. It’s perfect for everyday use as it is infused with over 10 plants extracts (like lavender, rosemary, matricaria etc.) plus SPF10 PA+ to ensure that your skin is taken care of while looking refreshingly beautiful. It is also infused with Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), Portulaca Oleracea Adenosine, Aloe Vera Leaf Extracts and Grapefruit Extracts that all promote cellular health, skin whitening, and increased production of elastin and collagen. It is made in Korea and distributed only by Biocostech Philippines Corporation.

Why BB.Holic is perfect for everyday use?
Simply because it provides a natural looking coverage that gives you a “your skin but better” finish. It doesn’t give you a caked-up makeup look – but a more natural looking coverage thus making it the ideal and perfect everyday BB cream.

Why BB.Holic is good for your skin?
  • ·         It’s lightweight and breathable that you won’t need to worry about looking extra caked-up. It is water-based which allows your skin to look refreshed and it frees your skin from experiencing the heavy makeup feeling by allowing it to “breathe” for a more comfortable everyday makeup look.
  • ·         It is enriched with Aroma Herb Complex that has 10 natural plants extracts to make your skin even more glowing, healthier, and naturally beautiful. It also has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe the skin.
  • ·         It makes your skin look better with its anti-aging and whitening properties that will improve your skin elasticity, enhance skin condition, lighten dark spots, acne marks, and overall skin complexion.

I personally love this product because it really does what it promises. If you haven’t tried this yet, then you’re missing something good. It’s affordable and really worth it. You can buy BB.Holic in full size for only P159.50, but if you want to try it first sachet is only for P24.50. iWhite Korea’s BB.Holic is available at Watsons branches and on Lazada! So what are you waiting for? Go grab yours now!

That’s it! Thank you very much for your time and I hope to see you again on my next blog review! Stay awesome and beautiful! xo

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