August 18, 2017

Althea Beauty Box: Soothe Our Skins

Hello Altheans! Welcome back to my blog and I hope all is well with you. Today, I am going to review Althea’s twenty fourth (24th) beauty box called Soothe Our Skins (S.O.S).

But first, what is Althea Beauty Box? As I mentioned before on my previous Althea Beauty Box: Black and Red review, each box is limited edition and each one includes curated products specially picked by Althea Korea Team bank in Seoul. The prices are as steal as all the items found in the beauty boxes are in full size products. Every Althea Beauty Box can hold anywhere from 6-12 full-size items depending on the theme and value. Read more here.
Now, I have their S.O.S (Soothe Our Skins) beauty box that has nine products in it, five are full-size and the other four are good for one use only. This beauty box is about skin care and all the products inside are specially selected for sensitive skin. Sadly, the box is already “out of stock” but if you are looking for a good skincare product that will help your skin condition, the items below will surely help you. You can buy it separately if you really want to try.

This 300ML cleanser is infused with 100% pure fermented green tea extracts that has the ability to remove skin impurities and provide gentle hydration. It is dermatologically tested and suitable for sensitive skin. By the way, the CHOK CHOK word means “MOIST” in Korea.

What I like about this cleanser is it has green tea extract that has a lot of benefits to our skin like anti-aging and anti-oxidant that can delay skin aging, sun damage, age spots, fine lines or even wrinkles. I also like the scent because it’s so refreshing and it didn’t irritate my skin at all. Actually, my skin loves this cleanser already.

This toner has fermented rice extract that will be able to nourish and soothes irritated skin. It has PH 5.5 acidity to balance skin, it can tighten pores and exfoliates skin, and it contains vitamins, minerals and moisturizing ingredients.

This Healthy Vinegar Skin Toner is very gentle to the skin. It didn’t give me any sting sensation like what I got from the other toner. And actually, when I saw the word VINEGAR I really thought that the toner will smell like “vinegar” (hahahahaha) but no it’s not, because the scent is so calming. It’s also non-drying and makes my skin soft after use.

This moisturizing tone-up cream will make your skin looks clear and bright by restoring skin’s oil and moisture balance with moisture-rich formula. It has Chia Seed, Centella, Hottuynia Cordata that are known for soothing benefit and Hyaluronic Acid, Shea Butter and Strawberry that contains moisturizing properties.

The consistency of the cream is dense (not watery) and white but it’s not hard to spread it all over the face and neck. I tried to put the cream overnight and when I woke up I noticed that it slightly helped even out my skin tone (it’s my first day to try it so the changes is not that drastic) and my skin is glowing and plump too. This cream can also be used as your makeup primer for a long wearing.

It is a transparent film-type spot patch that covers and soothes breakouts on the skin all day. It is infused with Salicylic Acid which is known for treating acne by helping it to remove the outer layer of the damaged skin and Willowherbs Extract that soothes skin irritations.

What I like about this patch is it will immediately camouflage to your skin while the adhesive is very strong that even you put moisturizer before putting it, the patch will still stick onto your skin, unlike other brand that I used before it’s not effective when putting moisturizer first. The effectiveness of this spot patch is great. It did lessen the redness and bumps of my acne by sucking up the excess oil in just one night.

Calm your skin with this clay mask that contains refreshing peppermint ingredients for a soothing effect and deep cleansing. It helps hydrates the skin and control excess sebum production.

So far, this is my top favorite clay mask among the mask I’ve tried. Because it reduced my skin’s problem (acne and red spots) and my sebum production by its deep cleansing ability that leave my face fresh and clear.  And, it’s gentle on the skin plus the soothing effect and the mint scent is very relaxing.

This gel contains one hundred percent fresh apple extract that can revitalize, cool down and hydrates irritated or dry out skin. It is a lightweight gel that can be easily absorbed by the skin and it has a refreshing fragrance that is so addicting. It can also be used as a body lotion or even for treating your damaged hair (for the hair just mix it with oil).

It’s very similar to an Aloe Vera gel because of the look, the cooling effect and ability to moisturize the skin. However, the Fresh Apple Cooling Gel is not that sticky because the consistency is watery that can be easily absorbed unlike the very popular Aloe Vera which is very sticky specially when dried out on the skin.

This sheet mask is infused with Baby Mugwort that can calm the redness on the skin. Mugwort is also known for treating acne and its rich with Vitamin E which has a lot of benefits to our skin.

The sheet is made of cotton fiber (this is not your ordinary face mask) which makes it easy to put on the skin.

Choosy Lip Pack is enriched with vitamins that moisturizes, nourish and repairs dry cracked lips overnight. It is infused with Grape Extract and Cactus Flower Extract that will prevent your lips from drying while the Shea Butter and Moisture Oil will make your lips revitalized.

The pack is like a jelly ace formed similar to lips (big lips) and it’s very delicate to hold because it’s slippery. Though, I like the “holographic” color when the light strikes on it (cute). I am not sure how long will I put the pack on my lips but I tried it for thirty minutes and guess what? It made my lips pinkish; it reduced the tiny bumps around my lips and made it extremely supple. I think if I will use this regularly (as prescribed) I no longer need lipstick to make my lips attractive.

I used the all products above for about two weeks to try if it will lessen my skin problems (acne and red spots) and I am happy to say that it did really improve my skin’s appearance. From dull, uneven and oily skin to bright, supple and clear face. I actually made this my official #SKINCARE because it is effective to me.

That’s it! If you have any questions or suggestions just comment it below or message me on any of my Social Media Accounts: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter.

Thank you very much for you time and see you next time! xo

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August 7, 2017

Althea's Petal Velvet Powder Review

Hello Altheans! I’m back for another ALTHEA KOREA surprise and it’s about their newest and own product the “Althea’s Petal Velvet Powder”. You want to know more? Just keep on reading.

Last July, I received an email from Althea Korea saying that they’re about to launch their very own product and I am super glad that I had the chance to try it firsthand. But, before I share my thoughts about this Petal Velvet Powder, let me introduce to you what kind of product this is.

Althea’s Petal Velvet Powder is inspired by the Althea flower from Korea. The powder embodies the scent, look, texture and delicacy of the petals. It is a translucent loose powder with a silky finish, leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth to the touch, just like a flower petals. It has a hydrating formula that keeps the skin plump all day, while its micro particles works to blur pores, hide imperfections and control sebum. You can also use this powder to set your makeup for a long wearing and it is Non-comedogenic one which means it will not block your pores.

  • Althea Flower; rich in anti-oxidants that protect the skin barriers from dehydration and invigorate the skin for a beautiful complexion.
  • Green Tea; contains Vitamins A, B2 and Catechin to control sebum and brighten the skin, leaving you the clearer and more radiant skin.
  • Mandarin Orange; enriched with Vitamin C that brightens dull skin and prevents dehydration by balancing the skin’s moisture level.

THOUGHTS: About the packaging. 10/10

The cute little box is inspired by their famous “pink box” which you will receive every time you’ll make a purchase from them. Its matte finish with a semi embossed logo (Althea’s Logo), it also has a delicate and sophisticated slogan says “simply perfect”, while the color is so appealing to the eye (I’m forever a fan of pastel colors). The quality of the box is excellent; it’s very sturdy and has the capacity to protect the product inside. Actually that’s what I really love about Althea they don’t limit the quality of their packaging even before, in fact I still have my previous boxes (the big one) from last year and its still looks new. Kudos to that!

Next is the container, the lid is also color pink with their logo on top while the container is glass transparent and opaque they are both matte-finish. It really looks sophisticated and very hygienic. Plus the container has little holes to dispense the right amount of product. The sponge is so fluffly, thick, very soft and easy to use. It’s like I am wiping a flower petal on my face they actually did what they promise.

THOUGHTS:  About the powder. 10/10

The powder is very white and fine, it truly smells like flower and extremely lightweight that I don’t even feel I have it on my face. I tried to put the Petal Velvet Powder on my skin and it managed to blur my imperfections/pores while instantly mattifies my skin. See picture below: 

(Left - with product | Right - without)

My skin type is oily and I really sweat a lot most specially when commuting. To test the product, last Saturday I tried to put the powder alone on my face (no other makeup) and went outside to run some errands and guess what? Even If I sweat (because the weather is very warm that time) my face stays fresh and matte, like seriously! It is a powder but not the ordinary one. I’m super amazed with what this product can do.


From the packaging to the small details, from the scent up to the powder itself I must say that this Petal Velvet Powder from Althea Korea is one good product to invest to. It’s affordable (you can have it for only Php210) yet the quality of the product is excellent.

Have you tried Althea’s Petal Velvet Powder? If yes, don’t forget to share your experience by commenting it below and if not yet then you have to because it’s really worth it.

Thank you very much Althea Korea and to you! Yes you, stay beautiful. xo

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July 9, 2017

Althea Turns 2!

As ALTHEA KOREA celebrating their 2nd year of success, they have a lot of prizes to be given away for all the ALTHEANS out there. So be sure to continue reading this blog to know more.

Althea is now conducting their giveaways, sale, birthday box with goodies and you can also win a trip for two in KOREA! Yes! You read it right; all you have to do is shop at for the whole month of July to qualify. Let me elaborate this for you.

*FLY ME TO KOREA CONTEST: The Althea birthday box creations show off on Instagram.
Grand Prize is a flight to Korea for two!
First Prize is A Year’s Free Shopping on Althea
Second Prize is 3 Month Free Shopping on Althea
Consolation Prizes USD$100 Althea Credits (10 winners)

*20 DAYS OF BEAUTY – ALTHEA KOREA INSTAGRAM GIVEAWAY: Every working day, they will be giving away a prize on Instagram.

*SHOPPER’S LUCKY DRAW: Every week, one shopper from each country will win Althea Credits. (Based on Country: RM1000, SGD300, PHP10,000, IDR3,000,000, TH8,000, USD200.)

*ALTHEA FB GIVEAWAY: Every Monday, a contest will be up for Facebook Fans.

This entire contest and giveaways will have terms and conditions that you can check at 

Of course BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION is incomplete without a BIRTHDAY CAKE! If you shop at you will receive together with your purchased goodies their limited edition “birthday cake inspired” box. I super love the box, from the color combinations to the dainty details. I actually felt that it was my birthday (when I received mine), not Althea’s hahaha! But seriously, it’s really beautiful.

Now, let me share with you what’s inside my Althea’s Birthday Box. By the way, I just want to THANK Althea for being so generous and for always delivering excellent service for the past two years. Kamsahamnida! Here’s my unboxing video:

Some items in the box were my picked and some of it was Althea’s freebies. All of it is so cute; no wonder I’m in-love with Korean Products.

So what are you waiting for? Go shop at for the whole month of July and win awesome prizes! Thank you very much for your time and see you on my next blog!

HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY to my all time favorite online shop ALTHEA KOREA! Saranghae!

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