August 5, 2016


Hi gamers! Are you looking for an online game that can be entertaining, filled with amazing graphics and has a cute characters? Then, you should see this game I am playing and I'm so addicted right now! The game called ROGUE LIFE: SQUAD GOALS.

Rogue Life: Squad Goals is a free to play app publish by OnPlay and developed by HIDEA in South Korea. Now, they will be having a SEASON 2 update with awesome new contents, hype and a spectacle of high-tech prizes and heaps of in-game rewards! They have an EVENT on-going right now, and you are all invited to join and win some amazing prizes. Let me show you how:

- First, register at this is open to NEW and VETERANS alike!
- Second, you need to do the events listed below:

EVENT 1 - Invitation Ranking! 
Invite your friends, climb the rank and WIN high-tech gadgets! Oculus Rift, iPad Air2 GoPro Hero3, Overwatch, Samsung Gear VR, and in-game prizes!

EVENT 2 - Lucky Chance!
Get your Tickets Daily and try your Luck! Gifts will be delivered on Season 2 Launch! Google Play Card 100$, Steam Gift Card 50$, Google Play Card 10$, and in-game

EVENT 3 - Gift for our Lovely Fans!
Like our FB App Page and 10 Lucky Fans will be selected as Winners! Google Play Card 30$

THAT'S IT! You just have to play and enjoy the game, and if it's your lucky day you'll receive spectacular prizes! So what are you waiting for??? Let's go play ROGUE LIFE and join the squad! :)

Download Rogue Life now!

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