Street Socks PH

March 26, 2017

Nowadays, we are seeing more artistic things and innovative products that are coming out in the market and I’m so glad to see those people who have been creating beautiful stuffs and make profit using their own talent. But there is this product that every time I see my heart literally melts by their cuteness, to the point that I just want to stare at them the whole day! Well, I’m talking about the popular “animated socks”. At first, I didn’t know that socks could be creative than the usual and way more appealing to the eyes by adding some cute cartoon characters, food emoticons, lively colors and stripes, and even from a movie theme, seeing those designs makes me want to buy them all and wear it all at once hahaha! Anyway, do you want to know where I got those socks (picture above)? Go click read more....

Beautē Makeup Comestics

February 19, 2017

Hello Beautiful! I hope you had a great time spending Valentine’s Day with your loved ones. Anyway I’m going to share to you my newest “makeup line” discovery from Royale Business Club but for those who don’t know yet what Royale is, they are known for selling skin whitening soaps, beverages and food supplements of all sorts. Now, from skin care products they created their very own cosmetics line which named “Beautē Makeup Cosmetics”.

Althea Beauty Box: Black and Red

January 15, 2017

Hi gorgeous people of the world! How was your 2017 so far? I hope you're all doing great! And, to start my year right I'm gonna review my most favorite gift I received last Christmas and it's from Althea Korea. Shall we start? Let's go!


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