October 7, 2014


I love using lip tints or stains whenever I want to achieve natural looking makeup. It gives a nice hint of red on pale looking lips and a rosy cheeks in an instant. Stains or tints last longer than powder types for cheeks and tinted balm for lips.

Last Friday I bought this Ever Bilena Advance Lip & Cheeks Stain in Very Red (20 ml) for only P135.00. The packaging is squeezable, plastic tube and transparent. I like the size of the tube opening, it's enough to dispense a small amount of product. The stain is very red in a gel-like texture. And It has that jelly ace scent too.

Ingedients: Water, Glycerin, Soluble Lanolin, Triethanolamine, Tocopheryl Acetate, Carbomer, Methyl Paraben, Propyl Paraben, Fragrances, CI 45410
Here's my own lips to test and to show you how this product really works for me :)

(No lipstick, tints, stains or whatsoever)

I use several dots and just blend it with my finger. Just ignore my pouty lips hahaha!

See how the product transform my lips from unhealthy into healthy looking. I REALLY LOVE THIS PRODUCT! 

I'm not using blush on because It gives me breakouts every time I put some. That's why I don't have review for cheeks.
What I love about this product:
- It looks very natural when applied.

- It blends well on skin.

- I love the hygienic packaging

- It is not sticky and dries on lips.

- It does not cause any irritations.
- Long lasting (FOR ME)
- It is affordable.

What I don't like:
- Bitter taste.

(If the product  taste like candy, it'll be 10/10)

Aside from the bitter taste, I have nothing else against this lip and cheek tint. But I wish that Ever Bilena would come up with improved version of this, something that is not bitter. Anyways, I love using this product as lip tint and I would definitely recommend it. 


  1. i have this one and i decided to put it on my faceshop lip tint coz it contains a cherry flavor and paubos narin, u should try it din po. but anyways, i love your blog srsly i just love it.

  2. I'm just wondering what is there that makes it bitter. I love the product as well but it kinda scares me if there must be something in it that may damage your lips. My mother warned me about it but i still do want to use it.



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